Ferge X Fisherman and Mick Jenkins Reflect on Growth in ‘What Have We Become’

In ‘What Have We Become’, Ferge X Fisherman and Mick Jenkins tackle the subject of personal growth with depth and finesse. This track, a highlight of their upcoming ‘Good Mother’ album, marries the sounds of the past with the rhythm of modern hip-hop, creating a timeless piece. The collaboration results in a song that is as introspective as it is melodious, with lyrics that ponder the essence of maturity and the passage into adulthood. Gospel choirs and vintage strings provide a backdrop that is both soulful and reflective. Mick Jenkins’ lyrical prowess shines through, offering a perspective that is both unique and relatable.

This song is a call to introspection, inviting listeners to explore their own experiences of growth and change. ‘What Have We Become’ stands as a musical bridge between the past and present, offering insights into the journey of life. It is a profound statement on the nature of becoming, crafted by artists at the height of their powers.

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