JasonMartin's More Dollars More Sense: New Grooves with Childish Gambino, DJ Quik

JasonMartin’s More Dollars More Sense: New Grooves with Childish Gambino, DJ Quik

JasonMartin, once known as Problem, is shaking up the hip hop scene with his latest track “More Dollars More Sense,” featuring the dynamic duo of Childish Gambino and DJ Quik. This hot release is a taste of what’s coming in his highly anticipated album ‘A Compton Story PT. 1,’ set to drop on 11-3-23. This album is already creating ripples with its star-studded guest list boasting names like Diddy, Schoolboy Q, and many more. “More Dollars More Sense” reflects JasonMartin’s multi-faceted talents as an artist, producer, and film director.

The collaboration with Childish Gambino (AKA Donald Glover) and DJ Quik in “More Dollars More Sense 1994” sets a high bar and ushers us into JasonMartin’s rhythmic realm. Each beat tells a story of JasonMartin’s audacious journey in the hip hop domain. The buzz for ‘A Compton Story PT. 1’ is building, with JasonMartin unfurling his musical prowess in “More Dollars More Sense”. This track is more than just a song, it’s a precursor to the saga awaiting in ‘A Compton Story PT. 1’. Stream “More Dollars More Sense” to vibe with JasonMartin’s narrative before the big album reveal on 11-3-23. It’s not merely about the rhythm, it’s about the bold tale each note tells and JasonMartin is all set to narrate it.

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