T.U. Savant – “Special Needs”

Rising artist T.U. Savant just dropped a new album titled “Special Needs”. The talented artist was recently charting on iTunes with his hit single “God Only Knows” charting at #51 on the iTunes top 100 charts. Check out his new album below and make sure you get familiar with him in 2023!

Universal Tourette Syndrome is one type of Tic Disorder. Watch T.U. Savant as he raps about his life, while having a disability and being in a school for children with different types of disabilities. Tics are involuntary, repetitive movements and vocalizations. They are the defining feature of a group of childhood-onset, neurodevelopmental conditions known collectively as Tic Disorders and individually as Tourette Syndrome, Chronic Tic Disorder (Motor or Vocal Type), and Provisional Tic Disorder. The three Tic Disorders are distinguished by the types of tics present (motor, vocal/ phonic, or both) and by the length of time that the tics have been present.

Individuals with Tourette Syndrome (TS) have had at least two motor tics and at least one vocal/ phonic tic in some combination over the course of more than a year. By contrast, individuals with Chronic Tic Disorder have either motor tics or vocal tics that have been present for more than a year, and individuals with Provisional Tic Disorder have tics that have been present for less than a year.

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