Bars and Bass: Chris Cachia’s Final Single Before the Release of The 27th Letter

Good art often comes from difficult places. A Canadian emcee, Chris Cachia, continues to harness his personal struggles to create his upcoming release, The 27th Letter. His latest single, “Bars and Bass,” showcases both a commanding flow and mastery of language, all fuelled by a bass-driven track. The boom-bap banger follows the release of two other recently-released singles, the well received “Hot and Cold” in April and “Above and Below” in May.

After releasing his debut album in 2007, Chris took an eight year break away from making music as he managed a particularly challenging period of obsessive-compulsive disorder. His return to music, with a series of EPs released beginning in 2015 and his latest album, Persona, released in 2022, has been an attempt to harness his personal struggles to heal through art. His overall message is that creativity can be used as means to both address mental health concerns and issues of social injustice.

Charlie McEvoy, who has been friends with Cachia since childhood, produced the track. Cachia tells of how they first recorded music at eight-years-old in Cachia’s basement on his father’s tape deck. Decades later, they’re still making music and honing their crafts. McEvoy operates In Tune Studios in Stratford, Ontario, and Cachia stays on the run. He is an engaging live performer who has charted on Canadian college radio and, in his other lives, is a dedicated father and husband, educator, and creative

“Bars and Bass” is now available on Apple Music/iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, and through all other major digital distributors; here’s the song’s lyric music video.

Check the following for website and social media information:
Instagram: @ChrisCachiaAKA
Twitter: @ChrisCachiaAKA
YouTube: UrbanOrganic

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