Carrio Xanders – “Illuminate” (EP)

This latest effort from poet and recording artist Carrio Xanders is clearly an unorthodox artform. He delivers a smooth spoken word performance on original Classical piano compositions. As declared by the artist himself, this project is an outlet for him to veer away from the way music is generally being made today.
The project is inspired by the darkness we all so often experience in our world and he hopes that this poetic performance would at least bring some light into a dark world.
Carrio manages to find his way back to poetry with this project, but in an unexpected way by employing Classical music as the foundation on which he builds. Each track on this project weaves occasionally in and out of its central theme, addressing topics that the listener would most certainly find captivating.
“From darkness we come, in it we were conceived”, he opens the EP with such audacious claims, then goes on to talk about money, English grammar, the struggles of the common man, and ends with an ode to poetry. In fact, some have described this unusual rendition as an Audiobook. You be the judge of that.

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