Dillyn Troy Drops New Video “Everybody”

Louisiana-based R&B singer/rapper Dillyn Troy first received attention as a social media star, using the video app Vine to both showcase his musical endeavors as well as his perspectives on life. Still just a teenager when he began making music, Troy made solo tracks of moody, trap-heavy R&B/rap hybrids as well as collaborating with Will Got the Juice and Lucas Coly in a group called Diamondz. He graduated from self-released one-off tracks like 2013’s “In the Air” to more defined production on albums like 2017’s Tru Story.

Dillyn Troy was born in Louisiana in 1996 and was making music by his teenage years. Highly active on social media, he used short video clips on Vine to promote both his solo music as well as his collaborative work with the group Diamondz. Some of his earliest self-released tracks came around 2013 when he was sometimes working under the name Lil Teezy. Rough-edged singles like “Grind Time” and “Crazy” eventually developed into more fully fleshed-out productions like the 2017 full-length album Tru Story and 2018 singles “On Me” and “I Know.” He kept the new music coming in the spring of 2018 with an EP entitled Progress. The song “They Can’t” from Progress featured guest vocals from Troy’s longtime friend and collaborator Lucas Coly.

After a brief 3 year Hiatus Dillyn Troy returns to the music scene under this own label “GGBTR Entertainment (GOD Gone Bless The Real)” he signed a partnership/distribution deal with Twenty Two Music Group spearheaded by Dondre Blackmond & Grammy Award winner and music Executive AJ Burton to release his upcoming projects starting with the June 4th, 2023 release “Everybody” Which Dillyn says “Everybody is a track about just being counted out, being a team player at the same time.

You know growing into the music you got so many people around you, but you really the head. but you always stay humble enough to help out the people around you because they have dreams of being an artist or anything dealing with music also. whatever it takes to basically create a team and be a team sport but you also know when you start getting a little more opportunity than them it becomes a situation where they feel like they should have it also. But truthfully don’t you think you should be happy for me because y’all coming along also? once I’m in the door”.



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