Enoka is back on the scene with a brand new studio release: “Make me Scream”

Artist and songwriter Enoka managed to perfect a potent blend of different styles, including Soul and R&B. Her music is direct and unapologetic, with a special focus on memorable rhymes and one-of-a-kind songwriting ideas. Recently, she managed to take her formula to the very next level, with the introduction of yet another fantastic release, “Make me Scream”. This project displays a world-class production, and Enoka set out to capture an excellent performance, which reveals the character’s huge dynamic range and powerful tone. What’s special about her work is the fact that she welcomes a wider range of influences, meaning that there is really no limit to the artist’s fervent imagination and vivid creativity.

“Make me Scream” is a great introduction to Enoka and her music, and it definitely highlights the bright potential of this phenomenal performer, who has so much to say.

Learn more about Enoka, and do not miss out on the artist’s most recent projects, including “Make me Scream”, which is currently available on the web’s best streaming websites.

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