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Khadijah Busreth, known by her stage name YEN, is an easy-on-the-eye Haitian-American songwriter and recording artist hailing from Schenectady, New York. With her lyrical prowess and multi-talented artistry, YEN brings life to beats and brings beats to life. YEN’s journey in the music industry started at a young age, with her passion for rap igniting at the age of 13. It was never just an idea for her, but rather a gift that she was blessed with. YEN believes that if she uses her gift properly, it will take her down the roads that were destined for her to walk. Versatility is YEN’s biggest accomplishment in her field of business. She has the incredible capability to turn words into vivid imagery, captivating her listeners with her poeticism and storytelling abilities. With the assistance from Scrilla Guerillaz ent and magazine, 2024 looks to be a year of domination.

YEN’s music has garnered high praises from some of hip-hop pioneers, solidifying her place in the industry. In 2023, YEN made waves with the release of three blazing singles: “Golden Yen,” “S.G.S,” and “Bad B!tch Sh!t.” These powerful tracks showcased YEN’s unique style and received acclaim from both fans and industry experts alike. YEN’s motivation stems from her desire to never settle for a complacent life. She aims to grow as an artist and become a source of inspiration for herself and others, encouraging them to never stop chasing their dreams. In her pursuit of success, YEN understands that she needs support, guidance, and a solid budget to reach the next level. She welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with professionals who can provide the necessary assistance.

For YEN, success is a personal journey. She believes that everyone’s definition of success is unique, based on the individual path they have taken to get where they are. To her, success means continuously striving to reach new levels and surpassing one’s own expectations. It is a limitless mindset rather than a fixed meaning. If you feel successful or believe in your potential for success, you are already halfway there. YEN’s music is distributed by Distrokid/BMI, ensuring that her art reaches a wide audience and leaves a lasting impact. Stay connected with YEN on Instagram: @Fineass_human, and join her on her musical journey.

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