Get ready for Zen’s new album called Snakes and Ladders

Zen is an artist pushing boundaries with his album “Snakes and Ladders.” This album serves as a reflection on life experiences particularly encounters with metaphorical “snakes” along the way. Starting as a guitarist in bands based in Atlanta and Dallas, he later transitioned to DJing upon settling in Houston. Since 2018, he has independently produced and released music, cultivating a distinct sound that combines raw introspection and lyrical depth within the realm of melodic rap.

As a co-founder of the ZIVEИCHY Art Collective and collaborator, Zen reshapes melodic rap by blending influences from pop-punk, electronic, R&B, and melodic hip-hop. Inspired by musical icons like Kanye West, JAY-Z, and Lil Wayne, alongside international talents such as XXXTENTACION, Yung Lean, and KILLY, his music resonates with a diverse range of influences.

Beyond his musical endeavors, Zen wears multiple hats as a personal coach and educational psychologist, aiming to inspire and uplift his audience. His upcoming debut album, “Snakes and Ladders,” ventures into themes exploring emotional intelligence, ego, mental health, and the human condition while maintaining a clever storytelling style inherent in hip-hop and rap.

Zen’s journey from Atlanta and Dallas to his current home in Houston signifies a fusion of influences, an unwavering commitment to innovation, and a dedication to empowering his audience through multifaceted artistry. Get ready for his hit album with numerous bangers, “Snakes & Ladders.” Stay tuned for Feb 9th.

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