HoodTrophy Bino ft. Kalan.FRFR – “I Want Her” (Video)

LA based rapper HoodTrophy Bino releases the new single and video for “I Want Her” ft. Kalan.FrFr. Alongside powerful hip-hop force Kalan.FrFr, the two rappers get lost in a sensual daydream that ruminates over two different women.

“I Want Her” explores diverging figments of fantasy with sharp rhythms, captivating vocals, and deep, shadowy synths.The music video juxtaposes intimate vignettes of HoodTrophy Bino in a bedroom with roses at one moment and at a nightclub with Kalan.FrFr surrounded by women at the next. 

HoodTrophy Bino has opened for Soulja Boy, Tee Grizzley, Bow Wow, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Omarion, Flo Malcom, Skinnyfromthe9, YN Jay, and Ohgeesy. He’s received acclaim from Lyrical Lemonade, HipHopDX and more. Bino is set to perform with a special screening at SXSW on March 13th at Icenhauer’s.

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