King Cangin – “South Brooklyn”

Immerse yourself in the soulful beats and poignant narratives of KING CANGIN’s latest track, “South Brooklyn,” where the streets of Bensonhurst come alive through a symphony of raw emotion and lyrical mastery.

About Jon ‘KING’ Cangin:

From the vibrant streets of Bensonhurst to the tranquil monasteries of Thailand, Jon Cangin’s journey is nothing short of remarkable. A maestro of words, an advocate for change, and a beacon of resilience, KING CANGIN transcends the realm of hip-hop to tell a story that’s uniquely his own. Drawing inspiration from hip-hop’s golden era and influenced by icons like Action Bronson, Nems, Eminem, and Kanye West, his tracks are a tribute to the roots of the genre and the diversity of his Brooklyn upbringing.

Raised by a powerful single mother with his father’s absence casting a long shadow, Jon turned narratives of struggle into anthems of strength. His artistry is a bridge between generations, honoring the musical legacy of his grandfather, Frank Cangin, while forging his own path in the world of music and beyond.

A champion for education and a witness to its transformative power, as seen in the PBS documentary “College Behind Bars,” Jon’s commitment to learning and growth is evident not just in his Master’s degree in History but in the depth and wisdom of his lyrics.

Latest Release:

“South Brooklyn”: Dive into the heart of KING CANGIN’s Brooklyn, where every beat tells a story, and every rhyme is a step in his journey. “South Brooklyn” is not just a track; it’s an invitation to experience the world through the eyes of a poet, an educator, and a relentless dreamer.

Join the journey. Feel the rhythm. Be part of the change.


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