Listen to ‘Alchemy’, Jay Cinema and Chow’s refreshing take on abstract hip-hop

Jay Cinema and Chow have dropped off a new album, titled Alchemy. A harrowing collection of potent, left-field hip-hop tracks, Alchemy finds the two artists putting their creative integrity first for an offering of emotive, often dark joints. With an array of textural, layered sounds and introspective lyrics, Alchemy finds solace in solitude and light in dark moments. With songs like the gritty, lo-fi “All On Me”, Cinema lays down cathartic bars atop Chow’s powerful jazzy production, while they can also get smooth on tracks like the glitchy, laid-back “Sympathy Route”. Cinema’s lucid sense of observation and realism shines through on Alchemy with lines like “people love the music, only if they knew how hard it is to make it”. It’s difficult not to cheer for the down-to-earth feel presented by Cinema and Chow, as they lay down a project that’s unafraid to drop the frills and be authentic. Albums like this are often missing in today’s musical landscape, and it is refreshing to hear the angle at which Cinema and Chow come at this project.

Jay Cinema is a visionary abstract hip-hop artist from Yonkers, New York, known for his boundary-pushing sound and thought-provoking lyrics- while producer Chow is a prolific beat-maker whose captivating, refreshing twist on underground hip-hop sounds merges particularly well with Cinema’s expressive style. On their latest album, the two talented artists blend classic New York influences with futuristic sounds for a psychedelic exploration of solitude, struggle, and life. Give Alchemy a listen here now.

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