Mega Ran’s curated music fest May 12-14 in Yuma AZ

“I wanted to be the change,” said the Guinness World Record holding Billboard charting hip hop pioneer Mega Ran. 

That change begins in the desert, with a phenomenal lineup of acts and bands across all genres including Open Mike Eagle, AJJ, Futuristic, Homeboy Sandman, Codefendants and more. 

“The Red Moon Ale House understands the vision, they get it. We’re building something new and exciting in a great place.”

My friends look at other festival lineups and say to me “why aren’t you on it?”

I look at my talented and friends and say “why don’t we throw our own show?”

Enter Dream Master Mixtape  – a 3 day event full of music, vendors food and more in a most unlikely location. Dream it, do it. The fest at Red Moon Ale House will boast two stages, food, vendors and more. 

Single day and full event passes are available now:

Dream Master Mixtape takes place May 12-14, 2023 and features

Mega Ran, Futuristic, AJJ, The Codefendants, Playboy Manbaby, Open Mike Eagle, Urban Heat, Whitney Peyton, Homeboy Sandman, Boris & the Joy, E-Turn, Roqy Tyraid, Se Vende, Dead 77, The Pawns , Mexican Cabron, Closet Goth, Substantial, The Stakes, Red Tank!, Chklz, Scorpian Vs Tarantula, Blood Fued Family Singers, SpyMC, Pawz One, Evolve, The Doyenne, Dnastymane, Legal Alien, Teek Hall, Ben City, J. Worm Rockwell, Dan E.T., ACRZ, Jaymastah, EyeQ, 12th Letter.An exclusive t-shirt is available for those who wish to support the fest or get one ahead of time before they sell out:

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