Who is pop star Eva Sita? Inside the singer’s eclectic world

We recently had the opportunity of interviewing New York based recording artist Eva Sita. The beautiful singer has heart warming vocals bound to captivate pop music fans all across the globe. Check out the conversation below.

Did you always want to be a singer?

I started singing at a very young age and made beats on garage band very early as well. I didn’t decide to pursue this path until way later in my life. A specific traumatic event helped me understand that tomorrow isn’t promised so I quit everything I was doing at that time to reassess my whole life and existence. Eventually, through trial and error, I found my path! 

In your opinion, what is the most important personality trait/strength of someone who is in the industry?

Resilience, discipline and confidence in your art and ability to succeed. 

How would you describe the music you create? 

Pop music with global influences ( Afrobeat, latin, French pop and R&B )

Can you describe the moment you realized music was meant for you?

It happened in two steps… First my mom took me out at a restaurant to talk about my future. After two years of soul searching I had lost all hopes and didn’t really know what to do with my life.  “Why don’t you pursue a musical career?” – She said. Somehow the tears started rolling down my cheeks uncontrollably. At first I didn’t understand why but a few weeks later I attended a Beyonce show and something screamed at me that it is where I belonged. I was born to make music, entertain and perform. I understood that I cried because I realized I love music so much… I gave it all the love I couldn’t give to myself throughout these years. I didn’t think I was worthy of music as I put it so high on a pedestal. But that day it all clicked… it’s like God gave me wings and whispered in my ears: This is your path, your life mission, you have everything it takes. A burning sensation in my gut gave my the will and power to let go of my fears and blockages and pursue my deepest dream.

What are some highlights you had in your career thus far? 

So many already that it is hard to choose! The first one is to wake up everyday and feel like you have a true purpose and the freedom to make ART. The second is all the beautiful creative souls you encounter / collaborate or perform with / or even get inspired by throughout this career. The unspoken connectivity and exchange of energies in this “industry” is insane! The third would be graduating from Berklee and the last one moving to NYC. 

Check out the singers latest release below and follow her on instagram!

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