BZ Set to Release New Album “Mønster Monster”

Mønster Monster” is a 15-track album, mainly produced, written, mixed and mastered by Jacob Andreas aka BZ. It is a concept album, which quite categorically addresses many of the societal challenges both the world is facing, where the purpose is to point out that many of these are things we humans have in common, and therefore need a community to get solved. Hip-hop is a global culture, with potential political impact, and with strong voices, BZ believes that today’s rappers can have a decisive effect on the future of humanity.

The sound of New York bomb beats from the 90s characterizes most of the album, but also songs with more melodious instrumentals, and catchy choruses and hooks, help make the album a record full of hits and bangers.

BZ has had guest appearances by names such as: Rockness Monsta (Heltha Skeltha) Chino XL, Planet Asia (Cali Agents) Cappadonna (Wu Tang), Norwegian Ubåt (Pen Jakke) Soul Theory, Berg, Anno Domini, as well as the Australian producer, Ill Eyez Krew, on the album.


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