Swayzebane Is Gearing Up To Drop All 2023

Swayzebane is rapidly gaining notoriety, especially following the release of his March 2023 trendy track titled, “2 Wrongs“. As the successful single proved, Swayzebane’s flow and captivating cadence are very contagious, as he combines modern rap aesthetics with an old-school twist. Swayzebane’s hip-hop approach is inventive and energetic, and his tracks are full of life. His production is also of high quality, and his releases are always filled with electrifying beats that never fail to connect with listeners.

In fact, listen to some of Swayzebane’s greatest hits to learn more about him. The groundbreaking artist is working on a few fascinating projects. As a result, the striving star is gearing up for the release of his record called “Grind On Me“. The forthcoming drop off is det to be delivered later this month. He also intends to release a new EP in the fall. In doing so, this will expand his fan base and put him on the map outside of the Canadian music scene!

For now, get familiar with Swayzebane here at Rap Round Up! Lastly, let us know what you think of his latest offerings by pressing play on his music on your preferred DSP!


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