Offset Vevo Ctrl Performance

Offset Vevo Ctrl Performance: Wave Set Cephus Debuts

Catch the wave with Offset in his Vevo Ctrl Performance, where hip hop meets family. In this standout show, Offset and his son, Wave Set Cephus, deliver a stunning performance of “ON THE RIVER.” The stage is set, and the beats drop as this duo brings a new edge to Vevo’s Ctrl series. Offset, known for his meteoric rise with Migos, is hitting all the right notes as a solo artist. His album SET IT OFF is a chart-climbing sensation, and this track is leading the charge. There’s heart in every line and passion that spans generations. Fans are in for a treat as Offset showcases his versatility and Wave Set steps into the spotlight, proving talent runs in the family.

The performance is more than a moment; it’s a milestone for Offset, reflecting his journey and growth. From collaborative hits to solo success, Offset’s defining his era in music. Vevo’s Ctrl has seen many greats, but this pairing is truly special. Tune in for a session that’s set to become a part of hip hop history.

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