Sammy Smash

Sammy Smash’s New York Saga Continues with ‘Luv U NYC’

‘Luv U NYC’ unfolds as the latest chapter in Sammy Smash‘s musical love affair with New York, offering listeners a rich narrative woven from the threads of his life. From his childhood dreams in the heart of Harlem, his growth into a skilled rap artist and R&B producer is palpable in every beat. His dedication to his craft, nurtured amid the diverse melodies of gospel, R&B, soul, and hip-hop, resonates deeply in this track. The song stands as a reflection of his journey, capturing the relentless hustle of New York and the profound impact the city has had on his life and career. It’s a moving testament to Sammy’s unwavering commitment to music and to New York, the city that’s been both a stern teacher and the grand stage of his success. With ‘Luv U NYC’, he not only pays homage to the glitz and complexity of the metropolis but also celebrates the raw, authentic spirit that fuels the city’s heart.

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